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VPN vs Proxy

In most circumstances, where possible, we would recommend that you use the VPN service for your device.

Proxy Server

Our proxy server service is purely browser based, allowing you to change your IP address in the web pages you visit through your internet browser.

They are typically easier and quicker to set up, and function for the most common uses.

You can setup your computer or device by editing the setting within Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox

Disadvantages: Although the service will work for a majority of uses, some websites will still not work, and will require a VPN connection to bypass the location restrictions in place.


The VPN service is a tunnel that re-routes all traffic from your computer or device through the server.

This means that all the applications on your computer or device will use the new IP address instead of just the websites you visit.

This is particularly useful for gaming, or application based television services.

Using the VPN service, your internet traffic is encrypted from end to end. Giving you complete security even on unsecured WiFi connections.

Good news!

All subscriptions on include both the Proxy Server and VPN service. Click the link on the left for your device to learn how to get started.

Having trouble

If your having trouble getting started, or have no idea what any of this means. Feel free to use the contact us forms to arrange an appointment where we can use Remote Assist, to get up your computer on your behalf. Free of charge!