About Us

Kick Ass Proxy is a service designed with some major objectives in mind:

  • To enable users to watch television across the internet, without geographical restrictions.
  • To enable a secure and anonymous connection to the Internet.
  • To enable users to change their IP address to that of a given country (i.e. UK, USA, Ireland etc).
  • Provide fast access to web resources across the internet.
  • Bypassing ISP and International firewalls to get you to the content you want.

For some time there has been similar services to Kick Ass Proxy on the Internet which have allowed for the features listed above. However, there were a number of problems that we encountered.

  • The services were often expensive and required 3-monthly or annual contracts.
  • The connection wasn't fast enough, meaning that when we tried to watch television programs online using a VPN or proxy server we spend most of our time waiting for videos to buffer.
  • It was too complex. Sometimes it took over an hour to get setup with the service.
  • To use both a VPN and a proxy server meant that we had to sign up twice!

We were frustrated that there wasn't a cheap and high quality service available on the internet, especially given the technology being available to do so. So the team at Kick Ass pulled together the best of industry such as systems designers, developers and carried out extensive user testing to develop a simple, straight forward and very fast Proxy Server solution. We've created a streamlined service that is faster than anything currently on the market (up to 10Gb/s), at less than half the price of our competitors and offering both VPN and Proxy Servers under one subscription.

With the backing of a multi award winning business, Kick Ass Proxy aims to be the industry leader providing a cutting edge service with exceptional customer support at the best like for like prices on the market.