Kick Ass Premium VPN Service

Change your IP address

Our VPN allows you to change your IP address, totally obscuring your identity on the internet. It also means you can change the country of your IP address allowing access to geographically restricted content such as BBC iPlayer, Sky Player, ITV Player and many more from countries outside the UK.

Increase your online security

A VPN encrypts your connection and stops hackers and eavesdroppers from intercepting your internet traffic (especially useful when connected to insecure networks such as public WiFi hotspots).

Government level security

The encryption standards we use are trusted by governments world-wide,  using 32-bit encyption.

Bypass censorship

Say goodbye to internet limitations such as blocked websites, blocked ports and traffic shaping.

High Speed Servers

Most Proxy and VPN services carry speeds of up to a maximum of 1Gbps. Kick Ass Proxy offers speeds up to 10Gbps making us the fastest private proxy server provider on the Internet.

Works with all applications

Unlike a web proxy, a VPN will automatically work with all applications on your computer as a VPN tunnels your entire internet connection.

Virtually reside in another country

Change you online identity to appear as if you are currently in another country.

Easy to use

No technical experience is required to connect to VPN servers due to easy to provide software; simply enter your username and password and click connect.

How does a Proxy Server work?

By using a proxy server, your web traffic is diverted through a Proxy Server. Each time your browser requests a page, instead your browser sends a request to the proxy server to fetch a page. The proxy server then fetches the page on your behalf and serves it to you, seamlessly.

An anonymous proxy server totally obscures the origin of the web request, providing it's own IP address to any third-party. Since there are literally hundreds of users using any proxy server at one time, it is physically impossible any third-party to find out where the initial request came from.

One major advantage of a proxy server is, given the fact that it provides it's own IP address to any third party, is that you can take advantage of the location of the server. For instance, you may find that you are sometime restricted by your geographic location and that a website is designed to not serve you content because of the country you are in. Certain social networking platforms and online television streaming are prime examples.

How does a VPN work?

In summary, a VPN is very similar to a proxy server with some differences.

Once connected to a VPN, it changes the outward facing IP address of for every program on your computer, not just internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

One other main difference is that fact that the connection between your machine and the VPN server is encryped. This means that it is impossible for any third-party to intercept the traffic betwwen you and the server and find out what you are requesting. It also means that your ISP will be unaware of what you are doing.

It is often necessary to use a VPN to obtain a UK IP Address so that you can watch televeision programs online, access geographically restricted content and to maintain the securty of your browsing session.